Every single story is begin with R

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

But right now, these moments are not stories, this is happening

I remembered that day
You parked your car on a roadside, with a lake and a field as our view
Yeah, you took me to your favorite place, which mean you kept your promise
We just sitting there and talked about our things. And it was nice, very, very nice.
We laughed in many things.Yes we do, like there is no limit for us to laugh about anything in around us
Until we talked about our time. 

1 month to go.
And it's getting hard to pretend that I was strong enough to face it. No, I'm not. 
There are so many things that crumble in my mind. There are too many "What if..?"  
Well, in that time you saw me trying so hard to not cry. You just staring at in silence.
In a second time you pull me in to your hug, I feel you kissed my hair for a couple times and suddenly said,
 "it's okay, we will be alright, we can fight the distance if we stay together"
Honestly, it was surprised me, because you know, this is not our thing. We're not kind of a romantic people.
But, I have to admit that i loved it, i loved being in around your arms. I feel safe.
I feel so much better, and I know that we can through this, together.

I realized that I already fall in to you. Deep.
The best thing that I know now is you're exist and you're mine

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